It’s good to be Jack

I have so many photo shoots to post…..and so many other things to document….basically I’m behind on everything in my life right now….and boy, if you saw my house you’d be embarrassed for me. 

I guess it all gets done bit by bit.

For now, here are some of my favorites from a photo shoot a few weeks ago (I’m sending out your cd tomorrow guys).  This little Jack has a good life.  I love how clearly you can see his delight in these pictures, and how obvious it is that his parents utterly delight in him.  

Oh, I love the way a camera can capture family love.  There’s nothing more beautiful in my book. -1918-1223 -1252 -1308 -1330 -1370-1975 -1390 -1445 -1495 -1533 -1595 -1634   -1683 -1745  -1654

Can’t wait for them to see the rest.


One bit done, five thousand bits left.  Oh, how I love the holidays!

some favorites

A few favorites from all the photo shoots I'm packing in between finding Halloween costumes, mommy school, teething and fixing some major things on the house.

Somerville Mini Sessions:somerville mini shoot-6712 somerville mini shoot-6722 somerville mini shoot-6746 somerville mini shoot-6952 somerville mini shoot-6992 somerville mini shoot-7014 somerville mini shoot-7028somerville mini shoot-7080  I love this dear family, we took pictures of them at the beach and at home on the very day they were moving.  I’ll miss them.-2738 -3116 -3350 -3518 -3751-3780 Beacon Hill Mini Sessions:-3870 -3884 -4016 -4075 -4308 -4410 And then there was sweet baby Teddy.  Don’t let the yawns fool you, this guy gave us a run four our money trying to get him to sleep…..but he gave us some pretty cute expressions in the process.-5020 -5044-6009-5298Then finally, sweet newborn baby sleep.  -5979 -5951   And this little miss M was adorable.  I love shooting 7 month old babies.  They sit still, they smile, the laugh.  She was perfect.-5638 -5652  -5732 -5739 -5778 -5792

more photo sessions

poor hazel keeps asking me when I’m going to be done with photography forever. thankfully both Hazel and Charlie started afternoon pre-school last week so I can have some blessed uninterrupted editing time in the afternoons while Emmeline sleeps. It’s been pretty tricky trying to juggle it all with the free form schedule that is summer. I’m hoping with this new set up I can focus on the kids when they’re around and photography when they’re not.

But then, on top of all the editing and photo shoots the laundry still needs doing, the family history part of the Boston Shumway Site still needs some SERIOUS updating, the fridge still has to be stocked, the kids need to be bathed and clothed and fed and taught and played with and read to and loved and cuddled. I just wish I had 100 more hours in the day.

For now, here are some shots from some of my recent photo sessions:

baby ashley-0072 baby ashley-0090 baby ashley-0180 baby ashley-0196 baby ashley-0223 baby ashley-0240 Baby Paige-9328 -0758 -0796 -0900 -0929 -1160 -1201

I’ve been photographing this little guy since he was a newborn. It’s so great to watch them grow into little people with so much personality! -1275 -1313 -1405

Doesn’t Stacey look so stunning in every single photograph? That is one lucky guy!

Baby Claire-9775 Baby Claire-9875 Baby Claire-9910 baby evelyn-9354 baby evelyn-9603

This little one’s middle name is Independence (born on the 4th of July)…..hence the American flag.

baby evelyn-9513Baby Paige-9364 Baby Paige-9373 Baby Paige-9409 Baby Paige-9482

Ok. I have been doing a lot more than photography, and I promise to post some of that tomorrow. You know when you’re so far behind, you don’t know where to begin? Well, that sums up my life in a nutshell.

$500 fee includes:

- 1-1.5 hour session with up to five people ($20 per additional
person) at a setting of your choice (within 30 miles of Boston)

- An archival CD with 60+ edited high resolution images that you can print and use as you like

  • Please note: my pricing model is different from many other photographers. You have the rights to these photos--you will have the digital files. You may use the images multiple times, in any way you would like (e.g., prints, digitally) if you took the picture yourself.
- Option to order professional prints at an additional cost, including fine art canvases, custom made story boards and hardbound albums

My approach:
  • As you will see from the images above, I have a relaxed style. While I always take several traditional shots with the subjects looking at the camera, I find my favorite images are those that capture family connections and emotions in a more casual way. My photo shoots are fun and informal, with families and children doing what they do together.
  • A typical session includes a variety of set ups: family portraits, individual portraits of each child, portraits of siblings together, mom with child/children, dad with child/children, and shots of mom and dad together. I take a lot of pictures. I want to capture who your family is in this moment in time.
  • I am happy to suggest locations and set-ups, but want to be sure to capture any that have special meaning for your family. I love when clients give some thought beforehand to the locations and shot set-ups (e.g., 'Dad chasing baby') that you would like to try.
  • My goal is not to create one or two perfect images. Instead I aim to capture and create a collection of images that portray who you really are, who your children are and the connection and love that you share.
  • $100 deposit due at booking to hold your slot. This is a non-refundable deposit. If the session needs to be rescheduled due to illness or weather this deposit will be applied to the rescheduled session.
  • Remaining $400 due at the end of your session.
  • I offer a full guarantee on my work--if you are not fully satisfied with your shoot and photos, I am happy to do another shoot at no cost.

For more information or to schedule an appointment within the Metro
Boston area please call (617 501 8761) or email Saydi at