apple picking and back to school pictures

I copied my sister Shawni and decided to venture out with a friend and actually do a photo session with our own kids.  Photographing my own children is always MUCH more stressful than photographing other people's children.....but we made it through, and we even got made it home with a bag full of freshly picked apples and a tummies full of fresh made apple cider doughnuts.  Oh, how I love New England and the traditional apple picking.   IMG_4680 IMG_4681
Haze didn't want to crack a smile.  She had all kinds of poses in mind, but none of them included smiling.  My friend Heidi even did her infamous pee pee dance and Hazel barely budged.  Finally we eeeked a few out of her.     IMG_4685 IMG_4695 IMG_4698 IMG_4704 IMG_4711 IMG_4725IMG_4667 IMG_4740 I love this picture of these two.  I hope they get married one day.  IMG_4744 IMG_4748 
Emmeline wanted to get in on the action.  She was very intent on trying to do the apple balancing thing.  She thinks she's all big like the other kids.


And Charlie?  Well, he is a poser.  He has not one single iota of insecurities when a camera is pulled out.  Jeff thinks we should find a way to make money on him.  Maybe he'd have a chance if I could figure out how to tame his hair a bit.  It's getting a little out of hand.  
IMG_4792And, just so you know, Charlie is studying to be an astronaut (he’s quite serious about this).  He says he’s going to be the first man on mars.  Part of me believes him.
IMG_4775 IMG_4814

Heidi is Emmeline’s favorite person in the world right now (Jeff and Hazel are close seconds).  She is obsessed with Heidi, and I can see why.  Heidi is so sweet to her, she talks to her and treats her like she is a big kid and can always can divine her every need before I’m even aware that she’s needing anything.  Emmeline spends a big portion of her time walking around pretending to talk to Heidi on anything that could resemble a phone and is always PSYCHED to go to church because Heidi is the nursery leader who plays with her and the other toddlers for two hours each week.  I love this picture of the two of them.

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